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How to migrate to a new domain on same PC, keeping settings, data and even programs – Windows 11 or Windows 10

In this article, we’ll see how to switch an existing workstation to a new domain (or go from a local user to a domain user, on the same computer). In addition to profiles and data, you will also be able to copy applications and their settings, should you decide to transfer those as well.

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Of course, you can just join the new domain, log in as a new, blank user and manually recover his data, recreate the profile, transfer Outlook accounts etc. What we want, however, is a way to do all that automatically, without investing all the effort.

The product we will use is Zinstall Migration Kit Pro. It can do all kinds of migration tasks, and profile migration happens to be one of them. The transfer includes all of user data and personalization. Plus, it can even transfer user install applications, if needed. This process works for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, 7, Vista and XP (yes, you can transfer profiles from an XP domain to a Windows 11 domain!)

This process does not disrupt the profile SIDs, and transfers settings in a way that is identical to a human operator manually transferring data and reconfiguring settings. This part ensures that the new domain is not “trashed” with remnants of the old one.

It also requires no extra space, no intermediate storage, and is done in pretty much one step.

Here is how the process works:

How to migrate user profiles from to new domain on same PC

  1. Join the workstation to the new domain. You do not need to make any special preparations prior to joining.
  2. Log in as the intended new domain user (NEW-DOMAIN\USER)
  3. Run Zinstall Migration Kit Pro.
    Note: You can get the Kit here, and its user guide here.
  4. Use the “Moving from another profile” scenario, and select the original user (OLD-DOMAIN\USER) from the list
  5. Keep going through the wizard and press “Go” to start the transfer

Note that you can also use the Kit in a command-line mode, which is useful in SCCM and other management tools integration.

That’s it! The profile contents are transferred to the new domain’s user profile – and the migration is complete.

Ready to transfer your users to a new domain?

Get Zinstall Migration Kit Pro here

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Video tutorial – migrating user profiles and programs to a new computer